-nairobi, july 2017 to july 2018

the point of this page is to say i spent a year taking a greedy gasp of air, squeezing my nostrils and diving into myself and retrieving knives i left in my body. And even though i am still having a hard time not planting new knives and even though removing the old ones makes my blood gush and my head dizzy, i needed to pour it into the world that i achieved a thing i really wanted to achieve this year and I did not think i would and saying it out loud is one small apology to my body for all the celebrations i am yet to have to appreciate it, especially for surviving the ocean that tried to starve us most recently, that actually did, and for surviving all of the no’s knuckled on it despite how soft it is and how unwrong it is to love love.

bluntly (i know, thank the skies), i set off to centre women, especially women in Kenya, in my journalism this year. I wanted to write 12 stories about women. This evolved into simply including women in mainstream stories, not necessarily about women, and quoting them as experts. These are some of the stories I pulled off:

  1. Woman, Kenyan and on the campaign trail:
  2. Free Mind Sessions seeks to emancipate people from mental slavery
  3. Social Media and Exhibitionism: The Life I Deserve versus The Life I Actually Live: 
  4. Brewing Busaa in my grandmother’s kitchen:
  5. New Elite Schools in Nairobi:
  6. Designers Bring 70’s nostalgia to Hotels:
  7. Theatre reviews:
  8. ALA 2017 Conference highlight: Song, play, and African children in literature:
  9. Solo dining catches on in Nairobi’s Swanky Hotels:
  10. High Tea: Urban Eatery Now Has it, With a Tweak:–Urban-Eatery-Now-Has-it–With-a-Tweak/4258338-4531932-sims19/index.html
  11. New app to connect expectant women with caregivers:
  12. Kahawa Diaries: Sylvia Owalla :
  13. Duo puts final push on app that connects buyers to sellers:
  14. Artist Body-Paints her way to tidy sum
  15. Kenyan writer aims for stars after bagging Caine Prize:

  16. An expression of the inner self:–the-inner-self/3815712-4659982-mwrksa/index.html

  17. Book Reviews:
  18. Coping with Lupus Stigma and heavy financial burden:
  19. The Sizzle Comes Home to Roast:
  20. Bars Entice New Drinkers With Fancy Cocktails:

unicorn, like i promised, we came out the other side mangled but still breathtaking like your hip bones on a thursday afternoon in winter when we should be working on our art. 

and for my sisters, who will never know all of the ways they have resuscitated me when the water came calling.

shoutout to the OG story that genesised the adili series:

Matatu Women: Going it Alone in Nairobi: