Don’t leave the life dished out to you when it gets unpalatable; lest your dreams find it amusing to come true while you have yourself exiled on ‘greener ground’.

Like the birds of the air

I am a fanatic. My excitement knows no maturity. I don’t understand “control yourself”. I don’t do cool. Interesting stuff has the same effect on me as does laughing gas on the individual. One just has to do what the gas says.

Let me explain something people find weird about me. I can be three (of many) things. I can be a friend. I can be a fan. I can be both. A lot of times, I am both. I admire people for what they are good at. Imagine watching that coca-cola Christmas advert with Santa on a sledge, and jingles sounding in the background, and unicorns, and presents, and presents, and more presents. Remember how you would drop a jaw and gasp in awe? Exactly. That’s the feeling I get when I discover people who are good at what they do.

Live a little, because life won’t live itself. That’s a catch phrase by a friend who writes here: http://livealittle101.wordpress.com/. I love it. I read it once and it stuck like glue. I admire his writing. I like his sense of humor. I, however, want to zero in on that phrase… Live a little, because life won’t live itself. (Also, I think for the sake of the judicial issues that may or may not arise from my declaration of our friendship I should warn you that said blogger may or may not be my friend even though I am surely his. I mean, you all have those people who are your friends but don’t know it yet, right? I thought so.)

I admire people who do not worry. Whatever be their source of peace, wherever their anchor, I find it awesome when I meet people who are not anxious about the past, present or future, or rather, do not let their anxieties control them.

I have seen it in a lot of people. I have seen it in a cherished friend’s mother with an uncertain source of income: “The Lord will sort it out.” I see it in a friend who has achieved so much it is a bit difficult to believe how he has fit it into his life’s timeline. He points heavenward (upward,for those interested in the details) whenever you ask him. I see it in another friend who says, “I can’t worry. I mean, if my mum has survived despite every hurdle that has been cast her way…” I see it in yet another friend who did not do well in high school yet exudes more confidence that she will succeed in life than those that did…

I believe life was meant to be lived. I don’t want to spend it hiding behind a rock trembling. I want to be a victim of my own fanatism. I want to let go, and suck it all in, until I can’t stop laughing.